A Not Very Merry Xmas But A Happy New Year

Its late afternoon on New Years Day and life seems to have finally settled back to an almost normal pace and stress level…  Now that I have said it out loud, as it were, I am likely to have tempted the fates, so watch this space for the next thing that hits the proverbial fan…

I was getting back to an almost semi regular posting schedule back at the start of December and foolishly thought that I might make it to the start of the new year with a list of completed bits and bobs. Albeit smaller projects and items…

Then my Daughter gave birth to my first grandchild. I can’t say for sure that I know exactly where the last 3 weeks have gone…  A healthy little girl popped out to meet us and sadly due to a complication just after her birth then spent her first 3 weeks of life (including her first Xmas) in various intensive care units and special care baby units. Until Sunday, when my Daughter finally managed to bring her home.

I cannot praise highly enough, the care and attention afforded to us all over the time she was under the care of the excellent midwives and nurses.

A real life little fighter (and she also comes pre-painted, so shouldn’t take up too much of my valuable hobby time…). Now, time to get back to the simpler things in life. Like trying to find where my plastic glue has gone from a locked shed after 3 weeks of being untouched.