Reversing the mat and with a slightly differing layout of terrain made it interesting with a couple of pinch points where competing racers would be bunched up mid game.  A couple of very tight turns as well would cause cars to slow at the end of long straights and risk becoming targets for slower cars.  

Playing a two player game means only a few cars end up on the table, so we opted to play blockers and runners.  This allows us to get more cars on the table by using 2-3 vehicle teams that allow one driver to run the race and leaving one, or more, to target the opponents cars – At least in theory.

For this game John brought his own first car build and I supplied the remainder. Said car seemed to be able to pull off the tightest turns and weather the heaviest fire I could send its way.  

All meaning that he was first across the line in the end.  While I managed to hardly get round the 3rd corner with my ‘racer’.  

While my blocker stayed behind to some degree, loitering at the last corner and targeting anything that came into its sights.

Oh, and here is the glory shot of Johns ‘Auto Union’ hill climber.  Well tooled up with rear flamethrower and front twin MGs.