It involves a crew of drivers trying to pickup a ‘package’ (read person or object of value).  Simple enough in itself, but keep in mind that a rival crew is seeking to stop you and it’s situated at the end of a blind canyon. One way in, same way out…  Gangsters collecting the package and Coastguard trying to stop them

In our case we also tried a few rules from the expansion rules – including a small biplane on the side of the Coastguard (Navy).  All went well until I realised most of the game was completed and I hadn’t taken more than the starting positions photo.    

The Mercedes did have its driver for the game though.

A lovely lady ready to snatch the prize from under the Coastguards noses…

Of note here:  Two sets of Twin machine guns makes for a very expensive build cost… The cost of the guns and the pintle mount for the rear guns come in at more than the car itself!