Test games are good to get an idea of the basic rules of a game and, in this case especially, it helped to get to grips with the car creation templates too. In this test game trying out the movement and shooting rules were my main plan. 

It was, in that case, a success. Although I made some rookie mistakes.  You would think, that in a game that uses a set template for movement, it would be easy to predict where you will end up at the end of a turn. It is, but then you have to move out of that position,where you may have had a great line of sight to the enemy, but now are pointed at a brick wall or rough ground that cannot be easily avoided.  

The other real test for any game in the shed is to see if I have sufficient quantities of the ‘right’ sort of scenery.  In this case, I think I should do ok…  To start with anyway.  A simple town track with a few buildings and plenty of lampposts to trouble my movement attempts.  

That said, when avoiding lamp posts I should remember to look out for any fences and other scenery that could make me come a cropper…