This was a basic ‘Death Race’ if such a thing should exist.  Run the track and see who gets to the finish first…  If the opponent is a pile of mangled metal and flames then they cannot finish and you must therefore be the winner, right.  

In this case the course was a simple figure of eight.  Start line in bottom left. Turn 1 in top right. Turn 2 top left.  Finish line bottom right…  Simple really.

A simple theme soon became evident in Veganman’s play style. Shooting can be done before or after movement.  Veganman decided that shooting then ramming the rear of each of my vehicles was the way to go.  

To some degree this worked well.  Although his own cars were becoming heavily damaged to the front and his handling and speed reduced by the tole it took on each vehicle.  That said, one of mine, Blitzen Benz, was out of action by the mid point of the game…

Surprisingly, my biker was faring better as Veganman’s lighter weight buggy was less effective in a ram than the heavier jalopy.  As a result the biker finally managed to get some speed on and get away from all that attention.  

Just as the Benz rolled to a halt in flames and out of the race.  

Once clear the bike took all of Veganman’s attention and gunfire.  He did however manage to wobble over the line with a single damage point spare (With all his body work and almost every other location taking full damage, a hit anywhere would have resulted in the either the engine failing or driver passing out).