About me

Hi and welcome to this blog. Just a few words to set the scene.

Like most gamers I know, I started my gaming hobby when a childhood friend invited me over and showed me a copy of the classic old red box D&D.  After becoming fixated on that game we slowly ventured into a number of other games including MERP and Twilight 2000. I guess that baptism gave us a rounded RPG background and allowed us to set our stories in a number of settings. The natural progression of things found us, and a small group of friends, discovering miniature gaming in the form of Citadel and Grenadier figures.  My first purchases were made in a toyshop known as Taylor & McKenna long before I saw a Gamesworkshop storefront.  We first played, rather unsurprisingly, Warhammer Fantasy Battle but quickly discovered Rogue Trader (Warhammer 40,000).

That was over 25 years ago… Now, many games later, my head cannot hold the number of game systems I have played and the number of miniatures I have lost over the years.  What is left is a core of games that stood the test of time and are played occasionally by me, and a small group of friends, either at our local game store or in ‘The Shed’ that this blog is loosely based around.

A friend has recently described me as more of a collector and modeller than a gamer these days… He may be right!

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