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The world of Max 1934 is not new to me in reality.  I have a number of the Maximillian range of miniatures, I just never bought them for the original game, and never gave the rules more than a passing glance on their webpage.  

This was most likely due to the fact that Eureka are an Australian company that I originally found online and sometimes at Salute when they were only able to bring a limited stock with them at that time.  When I bought my original Eureka bikers I had them shipped from Oz to the UK at quite considerable price.  

Now, however, Eureka has a UK supplier that can ship things quickly and fairly cheaply directly to my door.  

After I stocked up on drivers and gunners, I set about adding a few guns and gubbins to these first two cars.  

Lovely drivers with loads of charm, just poorly photographed by me…

Seated in their designated drives.  We have the finished buggy with two rockets mounted in a way that will leave the driver bald if he decides to use them.

My favourite so far. A jalopy (Blitzen Benz) with a Heavy Gun that looks like it should slow him to a stop if fired in anger.  Please note the Oil Dropper on the back…