The last ship I had from the first batch of purchases for A Billion Suns was a fleet carrier that I doubt will get fielded in many games.

Why will it get so little table time?  It is a hugely expensive ship that can act as a mobile Jump Point (deployment point) for the various smaller ships you can field. As you can field a static Jump Point for free and with table sizes being so small I can’t see it being high on the usefulness list…

It also looks quite similar to all the other larger classes of ship so needed a little something to make it stand out slightly.  In this case the little something was a small Recon ship emerging from one of its launch bays.  As I had ordered a pack of 7 recon fighters and planned the Recon Wings as 2 sets of 3 craft I had one spare, so…  Why not?

Two Recon Wings and a Carrier pick their way through an Asteroid field on their way to their first mission.