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A Billion Suns requires quite a few more objective markers than I had expected. I player might think that a few ships for a space game would be all they need.

Oh, how naive we gamers can be!  Planetoids, Asteroids, Facilities (space stations), Rhexus Pearls (volatile and unstable mineable resources), Communications satellites, Lifeboats and even a pod of Space Kraken.

It’s a good job that most gamers have a healthy supply of bits in their fabled ‘Bitz Box’.

Random lead parts of unknown origin, ancient Battlefleet Gothic parts, Martian Tripod parts, Imperial Guard Backpack antennas, various wooden beads and even a section of 1/48 scale tank tow cable.

I opted for the better colour scheme from my last set of A Billion Suns scenery. Dark grey with a lighter grey dry brush to pick out details.  But this time avoiding the brushed on coat of undercoat as any spray would just help weather the styrene.

I finally feel that I can say I am over half way through the various objectives that I might need.

Com Sats and Lifeboats to follow soon I guess.  Oh, and don’t forget the Space Kraken…