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Why prep for one game when you can distract yourself royally by trying to get stuff done for two games (that you won’t get to play anytime soon) all at the same time…

With a medium walker finished I decided to try something completely different, chemical sculpting.

We all know not to spray polystyrene without sealing it first don’t we.  If it’s not sealed properly we are likely to see it start to dissolve in front of our eyes.  With the need for a planetoid and a good few asteroids to fill the role of some of the various objectives in A Billion Suns, a 99p bag of styrene balls from the local hobby shop seemed an ideal purchase.  Plain balls are far to neat for my needs though so out came the spray can.  As the effect was far to subtle a good dose of plastic glue was added to speed up the process

Trial and error is a wonderful learning opportunity…

Brush painting so many items with, so many nooks and crannies though, is no fun at all…  Thankfully a dark grey base on the asteroids and a couple of lighter dry brush layers are not overly time consuming.

Having no clue as to how to paint my planetoid, more random, poor choices, may have been made.

I present to you today a set of very nice, well painted, rocky asteroids (and an overly large, rat nibbled, Malteaser).

A question for my non UK viewers – Do Malteasers exist outside of the UK?