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I could say that I have been hard at work painting up war machines and their crew but as it amounts to only 8 bodies and 4 catapults its not really that hard…

The second pair of Dark Elf crewmen are now done in the very same Grey on Silver with White colours.  This time with a red gemstone bit of bling (just for a change).

I should really throw a grassy mat down on the table when photographing these figures but, lets be honest, I can’t be bothered to dig one out…  So far the Oathmark army has more Artillery than is polite for such a small force but it should come in handy for a whole load of other games sets.

Here is a group shot of all the machines I have finished so far.  4 Ballista, a Cannon and Mortar. As the Cannon and Mortar have 3 crew they can be fielded as slightly heavier artillery choices, whereas the 2 crew mean the Ballista are lighter options.

As for the Ballista themselves the crew difference allows for the selection of either the cheap and less reliable goblins, sturdy but average Dwarves or the elite and accurate Elves…

As they are now completed I suspect a rest from Oathmark and the painting of fantasy miniatures must be near.  I wonder what is going to be on the painting desk next?