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Well, being over half way through a batch of only eight figures is hardly a milestone, but it is progress.  The goblins are finally on the painting table.

Originally I planned for four sets of crew to go with my two based up Ballista. As that leaves me with a couple of spare crews, and as one of the Oathmark supplements adds the option of boats to the game, two more ‘unbased’ Ballista would make a useful addition to the army…

As I had a few of the required colours already out to paint the ‘Pigin Big Arras’ that my Goblins are carrying, it seemed foolish not to get them done at the same time.

Not a bad fit if I say so myself.  As for the extra protection from those shields on the side…  Looks a bit sparse to me.

Thats more like it.  Shockingly though these are from the depths of my bits box and must be ancient Games Workshop shields.  My curiosity to find their origin led me to peruse the internet and I just spied a set of them retailing on eBay for about £1 each…  18 a side 36 in total.

Value of ship £13. Value of random bits box shields £36…