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I may have dropped a bit of a hint last time, as to the possibility that another set of little yellow buggers might be next up on the paint queue.

The chunk of resin the the middle of the image above is the bit that was sat on my desk and after a number of years it is finally able to be fielded.  In 2017 I stripped it back to bare resin and repaired some of the more rough and ready parts of it.  Remember also that this one had been in my possession, unloved, for a couple of years before then…  About time then I hear you say…

As I was playing on the yellow side of the street, I also managed to complete this small unit of five, heavy weapon wielding, Devastator Marines.

As they all have long range weapons they are unlikely to need be transported to the front line in the new Razorback APC, pictured behind them, but the option stands if they require a ride.

A lot of my time was spent this week building yet another 1:1 scale item. This time it was the smallest shed in existence. A big steel box would be a better way of describing it. That said, the good lady of the house has decreed that the garden decorations need to be stored somewhere safely over winter, so a tiny shed is adequate I suppose.

Not a difficult build if a little cold on the fingers.

Just in time too it would seem.  The snow came down later that day and I suspect this will gave away how many months behind the blog is currently running. At least to all my UK readers.  Two inches of snow fall and half the country fails to get to work again. (Oh, my mistake, we were in lockdown at the time, so most people were working from home anyway!)