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If you thought I got those Ogres prepped quite quickly, you might not be surprised to know they got finished almost as quickly.

They are simple sculpts, as I said before, but whilst painting them I realised it felt almost like I was painting a set of Disney characters.  With such wide, basic features and with their one colour tops, tights and hoods it was like painting some of the seven dwarfs (whichever ones the angry three are).

With simple sculpts its almost impossible (at my skill level anyway) to get anything but a simple paint job done.  Contrast paints help to get the few small details that they do have to show up. Especially in the skin tone to the faces, which are very characterful. These are the first eyeballs that I have painted in years. Probably because, on these figures, I can actually see them.

Bases will follow at some point when the army gets done. Probably all in one go, to make it easier to match them all up.