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When I picked up a few of the larger Playmobile pirate ships, back in April 2017, I also received a good selection of smaller, row boats, to use as scatter terrain.

It has only taken me 3 years to start doing something with them.  Not bad going eh?  Last week I ripped out the larger lumps of plastic from the bare hulls.  This week I went looking for the balsa wood strips that I used to have in the shed. The plan was to use them to line the deck and allow based figures to stand in the boats.

After so much tidying, I cannot now find them. They must be somewhere really safe… Therefore, it was coffee stirrers that were finally used to make benches for the boats crews.

Two hours and two blisters later (coffee stirrers are sooooo much tougher than balsa) they were done.  Base coating with a bone colour spray can to the inside and a white spray on the outside quickly followed and they now sit drying safely outside in the sun.

With a drying time pause, and no backup project to focus on, my mind starts to ponder what harbour layouts I can create.  After pottering about with the sets that I have stored away in the shed, I am left with one lasting thought. I think I might have to dull down, or darken, the plaza set pieces in order to get them to blend in better with the other sets that I have. I suspect an afternoon of weathering and inking MDF is somewhere in my future…