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With Oathmark posing so may questions as to what I can, or cannot, field with ease (and as little effort as possible). I am being distracted from starting anything currently sitting in the old paint queue.

I know, a glass display cabinet should contain a host of finished Master Works for my guests to ooh and ahh over.  Mine is currently set up to gain a very different response from my visitors. More like, ‘haven’t you finished that yet?’ as that response might actually motivate me further…  It also keeps the dust off, as I would hate to have to clean 3 years worth of dust off something that I wanted to finally paint.

But enough about that.  In a small box under the game table resides a project that only three weeks ago I finally packed away, stating, ‘that lot won’t get done for years, best to just pack them away…’

In this case ‘that lot’ are a small army of Macrocosm Ogres which seem to be out of production now.  No wonder I got a whole bucket of the old resin casts for less than I would pay for a takeout curry.  They are simple sculpts but full of character.  Sadly the Ogre cavalry don’t fit into Oathmark, yet!

What will fit, is a unit of three Ogre Linebreakers.  These were trimmed up, stuck to a base and under coated in light grey before you could say ‘what about the paint queue?’