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Well, as the last day of my ‘holiday’ passes, the last few figures from this little painting push have made it to the painting desk.

The morning was spent on a hobby Skype call with Coronasan. While he put together a large plastic model kit, I was painting bases. Lots of boring bases… So having some conversation to allow me to be distracted from the monotony was very welcome.  The figures are some Ironclad Steam Automatons which were from eBay and already painted to a quality that I can live with easily. Especially as I don’t have to paint another 12 figures. They also look like they have been converted slightly, with gas masks added when compared to the original sculpt.

After lunch I pottered about and got very little done until I forced myself to pick out another two figures.  These ones were chosen as they would help to get me started on a old Judge Dredd Juve Gang that I picked up a number of years ago. As I was not so enthused they got started today but not finished. They will need a little more time to get them finished.  Time that I may find I have less of now that I am back on the front line…

Ten days off.  Eight days spent with the chance to get plenty of shed time… and 70 figures finished from whatever state they started in…  Oh, and lets not forget the small pile of scatter terrain and a nice old crane!