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Almost a week has gone by since my last foray into the shed.  So these guys haven’t changed much in that time.

I have to get them finished today so that I can use them as motivation towards completing the rest of the gang.

As they are comic book characters, I’ve gone for bright and gaudy, just like the Mega-city world they come from.

Silver trim and kneepads with a purple body suit…

And a chap that cannot, or will not, be photographed… Obviously because he is flying soooooo fast!

Both have been finished with racing boards, as all professional sky surfers are racers at heart.

As those guys ended up being quite quick paint jobs, I dragged out some old MDF so that while I chatted with Coronasan over Skype I could potter without having to think too much.  I am not someone who has ever been described as being good at multitasking…

It was only last year that I knocked up a few of these TTCombat Street blocks. I wanted to add a slightly 3D aspect to some of my tables. Especially those that would not feature too many buildings.  These have been used as landing pads and as raised town squares but as I have never had enough pieces finished to use them as they should have been.  I didn’t realise quite how versatile they actually are.

Here they are, just randomly laid out, they can make canals and pools, or maybe raised streets and sunken gardens. I guess I need to try them on my sea mat to find out how easy it is to represent the canals.

If they are going to be used as a harbour, then my new crane and old harbour jetty set may get to be seen on the table a bit more often.