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Day Seven and my holiday is almost over, just one more day to go…  For those of you who have noticed that these last seven posts have been shown over a fourteen day period, yes I am a little out of sync, or behind the times if you like…  My holiday will last another day after this one as it is currently a lovely bank holiday weekend as I complete this post.

Todays efforts are all back in the 28mm scale. Most of today was spent finishing a small set of Hasslefree figures named the Penn State Five.  I undercoated these figures back in July 2019, according to the last post I featured them in. See, the blog does have some uses, even if it is just allowing me to see how long it takes me to get something completed.

Four of the five, at least, have a less than white British look to them.  I have never been very confident with any skin tone other than pinky/white, so these have allowed me to experiment with other skin tone paint schemes.  Not greatly well, but its a start.

Also, I tried a Hi-Viz white scheme on the fireman’s outfit at first and quickly gave up, reverting back to bright yellow as the fallback option.  

This batch of figures are also going to join some already painted figures in our games of Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse.  Therefore, to blend them with that set they are getting a Sepia tone wash.  So, here they are before…

And here they are after (and with bases finished)…

I am quite happy with how they turned out, as I am with all the Hasslefree figures I have completed.

The afternoon today was spent on something far less satisfying!

This bugger has been on the edge of my desk for the whole week.  It has had some small splurges of paint applied each day but was far from finished.  I don’t know if anyone will find this familiar, but this chap seems to be my nemesis. Every time I add paint to it it seems to get worse and worse.  Making it harder and harder to pick up again.

There nothing that bad about the figure. Its not big, or difficult, but its never given me any joy or the desire to complete it… In the end, I just got that ‘f*@k it’ mentality on and did enough to call it done.  The horns came out nicely, with a contrast of black at the top and then Cygor brown on the remainder.  I still have a strange feeling of irrational hatred towards it even though its finished. Odd I know…