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Almost a working weeks worth of painting done…  Time for a quick photo to show how far I have got as of the morning of Day 5.

More to show quantity rather than quality.  Also, keep in mind that not all were completely painted this week but they were finished in the last 4 days, which is something I guess, in the grand scheme of things.

Back to todays efforts though. A bit of a pallet cleanser I suspect, in the form of a simple (I suspect most of my painted stuff is that) paint wash over silver and brass coloured generic sci-fi scatter terrain.

Some classic GW scatter terrain, that was reissued in the recent 40K Conquest magazines, and a few resin TTCombat pieces that have sat gathering dust in the paint queue since they were purchased at a Salute a couple of years ago.

Minimal effort for a set of scatter terrain I don’t really need, as I have a load of bits for this period already.  I suspect the terminals will get used as objectives in a few games so they got a little more attention than the other bits.  The screens got a few coats of paint and ink to give the vague impressions of something being displayed. A coat of gloss varnish finishes the glass/screen effect.

Nothing really anything special completed today, as a fair amount of my time was taken up whilst queueing outside of the local supermarket.  I wonder if that is how my paint queue feels on a daily basis?