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With the level of detail I found on the last 3 figures, I suspected that these guys would be equally slow to paint up.  In fact, as they are larger, and therefore the details are more spread out, it was actually easier to get a brush onto them and they finished up being quicker than the last 3 chaps.

3 of these chaps are called Nightmare Hulks, and for good reason I guess.  The last is the leader of the team, Vulgrar Thrice-Cursed (the chap with three heads and a belly furnace).

When I base coated these last year, I used a contrast paint flesh tone that went on unevenly. This was due, I suspect, to it being applied on a hot day and using it over a wide, fairly flat, set of surfaces.  With no other colour on the figures at the time, this finish was disheartening.  In hindsight, I note that what they really needed was to be finished, as the addition of more colour and detail takes the eye away from the poor skin tone finish.

As I started with contrast paints (and as the remainder of the crew are all done using contrast) they were finished in mostly contrast paint, with a few washes to pick out skin colour changes and shadows.

Not too bad for 3 days work I guess.  I am still undecided if I like these newer GW kits as much as the older ones I have done.  I can see they get more detail into the figure but often at the cost of some very soft transitions from one detail to another.  I still find figures with good sharp, crisp lines easier and more enjoyable to paint than these detailed but less crisp moulds. They pass the arms length test though which, for me, is all that counts to get them on a table.

Usually a Kill Team crew consists of about 6-12 figures (in the crews I tend to play anyway). These guys are rolling about with 23 chaps on the team…  A quick point up of what I have shows that I will only get about 16-19 of them into a playable team. Especially if I choose not to leave out too many of what appear to be the most reliable chaps, the medium and heavy hitters.

Well, that leaves me with a new Kill Team crew but still in lockdown so still unable to use them in any games at the moment. Kill Team added to the ‘must play this year’ list that Coronasan and I have going at the moment.