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So with only 7 more figures to finish off I decided to go with what I thought at the time would be the easy option…  3 normal sized fellows.  These were meant to be the easy option but have so much detail on them, if you put your glasses on, that they took almost as long as the last 4 tiny Glitchlings.

Belts, buckles, bruises, blisters, bludgeons and bulges. These guys have everything.

As a Kill team crew the Gellerpox Infected are a bit of an unknown quantity (until I get a game or two in with them) as they mix some very heavy hitters with a horde of weak harassing flies and bugs…  These guys are the middle ground troops I guess, the equivalent of regular plague zombies as it were. Known as Gellerpox Mutants I suspect that they are likely to feature more often in my games than the masses of smaller units in the force.

With these finished I am left with just the 4 big guys…  No excuses now, they have to be next on the table so I can get them done…