Well, when last we spoke we were looking at a vacant corner of garden where a shed used to stand.

A slightly sorry state if I am honest.  The shed has been part of my life for 8 years and a haven for me when space and peace are required by the lady in charge (otherwise I am only left with sitting in the car on the drive).

With the arrival a few weeks ago of two strapping workmen, and a truck load of parts of course, that all changed.  The wife was even happy to stay home and watch them labour as I was sent off to work.

I am not sure if it was the look she kept giving them, or the onset of Covid-19, but they worked hard and fast and had this all built in less than six hours.

Insulated, panelled and double glazed, it is a significant step up from the last ‘shed’.  I am almost tempted to change the blog name to Steinberg Garden Office Space but it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it…

I was wired up as of day one and should have had the power connected in the next day or so.  Not everything always goes to plan though! Covid-19 has made simple things like that slightly more problematic at the moment.

It has all been slow going but with a bit of patience and understanding we got there in the end.  Next up, the shed starts to come together, and starts to look like a game room / workspace…

Oh, and in honour of recent non-hobby posts that have thoroughly entertained me (thank you JNV, TIM and Bogenwald). Here is the rather pleasing view from my back window… (Lets not mention the front window view of parked white vans and very British suburban town houses…)