In early February our traditional British weather was playing havoc as usual and the shed was looking a little worse for wear. After 8 years of holding fast I was looking at a shed that needed more than a little attention (and money). Even after repainting it every 2 years or so it was requiring more of my time than I actually have at the moment.

After a second storm front, that seemed to arrive almost on the heels of the first, the roof was almost bare of felt and the constant rain had started to show me where the walls were also now becoming porous…  A morning spent with a tarpaulin and continued storm force winds (not a task for the faint-hearted) got some of the most damaging leaks under control but the water continued to ooze in through now sodden boards.

A decision had to be made.  Either patch up or pull down.  After consultations with the lady in charge, we decided she would like me to continue to leave the house regularly in the evenings, so somewhere new, and hopefully slightly drier, would be required. After all she could not risk my salary being damaged by ill health in a damp environment.

The old shed would have to be cleared, and as soon as the weather settled long enough, I started moving ‘stuff’ inside.  Needless to say there was quite a lot of ‘stuff’ that needed moving.  In a way, it helped to cement my good lady’s decision, as she soon realised what our small home would start to look like if I were to move my hobby back inside.

One condition of replacing the shed was that our trusty old BBQ would be disposed of…  This was a bespoke, sturdy construction, in the style of HP Lovecraft (its angles never quite seemed to fit no matter the viewers position).  I do wonder where I will find to undercoat new miniatures now that this is gone…

As we stand now, the shed is also gone.  Dismantled, rammed into a large van and rebuilt in another garden. Where I hope it will get its much needed repairs (or their stuff might get mighty damp). I have a work colleague who was in need of a small shed and as enough of the panels were sound enough to rebuild again (albeit in a smaller footprint) and she was kind enough to come and collect.

With a new shed (or should that be Garden Office) on order, and delivery and installation planned for next week, I have a moment or two to tidy up and make some other small changes.  The layout of the new shed will be rotated slightly, with some nice double glazed doors on the long side, so that step is now not required…  How hard can it be to break it up and dig it out?

Bloody hard – Hard as concrete it would seem…

I am sure it was never that deep when I poured the base eight years ago…

Next time I get to update you all with my progress, I should have a nice new build to show you!