Ikea has always helped supply the shed with suitable furniture and fittings.  My gaming table is constructed from a base of 6 white Ikea shelving units and a skirting board edge. I then use MDF sheets as the base of the playing surface.

Needless to say it was always going to be the largest piece to fit into the new shed and would need plenty of space on each side of it, for us to play, without feeling cramped.

One dilemma of the new shed is that it is the same size as the old shed on the outside but, due to the stronger build frame, panels and insulation, its actually a whole 7 inches smaller on the inside…  Also, with the doors on the long side this time round, it removes some of the wall space I would have used for shelving.

My first real stumbling block was that if I put shelves on both of the short sides, there is limited seating space by the game table.  If I kept the unit here I would end up running the risk of knocking things off the shelf with my chair.

So no shelves on that wall then, or along the long frontage because of the windows and doors.

Thankfully, the change from an apex to a flat roof means that I get lots of extra height. That means that these Ikea ‘Billy’ shelving units fit quite nicely all along the remaining wall.  I just hope that this proves to be enough space for all my ‘stuff’ to fit back in.