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Quite a while back I started an Ork Crew for Kill Team.  Well, unsurprisingly, I had more than a few extra models that did not get finished from this batch.

The finished crew was great but I never quite got round to the others.

Well, now I have a reason to paint up a few more…  We have a game of Rogue Stars planned and these Boyz are set to feature in that crew, if all goes well.

First up is an old GW Pain Boy (in this case with an arm swap on his right). Older Orks are tiny so new parts are sometimes obviously not going to match up with existing body parts.  This chap must have been so right handed that he never worked out with his left…

Grot 1: Shotgun

Grot 2:  Twin Shooting Irons

Grot 3: Grenade and Pistol

Grot 4: Sniper

Grot 5: Feeling His Inner Ninja

Lastly I had an old Boy that benefitted from the addition of two newer GW arms, so he looks slightly more balanced than the Pain Boy.    Attack Squig anyone?