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You would think that after doing something that takes up my weekend, in order to be ready for a game, that I would remember to show off said game in all its glory.

Well, I am nothing if not reliable, so again I forgot to take photos for most of the game.  Mid-game I did pick up my phone and snap these 3 shots of the table. Just as my luck turned and I started to worry that I was going to lose.

The templates you can see are chemical spills.  We were using a complication during the game which added some explosive scenery (miss your target and maybe the canisters you were shooting past will go up in smoke or just ooze acid as we found in our case).

The mission was for me to destroy 6 key points on the table (3 computers and 3 radar dishes).  Coronasan had to stop me and got victory points for putting my Boyz out of action.

One drawback was I had only 2 Boyz with weapons strong enough to destroy the items.  The remaining Boyz were just there to try and keep Coronasan’s head down.

With minimal armour (we play what you see is what you get and 60% of my Boyz had naked chests) I was expecting most of them to go down fast. Thankfully Coronasan has been rolling dice like they had only ones on each side for a number of games recently.

It would seem he could only finish off my lads if, after shooting them, he walked right up to them and put a pillow on their faces.  By the end I had 2 Boyz left and had destroyed the last objective. Coronasan had only one gunfighter left on the table who decided to go find somewhere safer to play. Lots of fun was had and that’s likely what made me forget to take more photos.  A good reason to fail in my book.