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Continuing my break from Free Folk painting, I managed a day last weekend that was completely out of the ordinary.  Quite why I put this little flyer together I am not quite sure but it was done in about an afternoon, with the glue likely still wet while it was painted and the paint slightly wet while it was glued…

Its a small 15mm MDF flyer kit from Blotz.  I have a number of their 28mm kits but wanted a small 1-2 man craft for a US Navy hero to swoop in on.  While the 28mm version of this flyer was far too big, their 15mm version of this kit was just right for my needs.

Half built and undercoated between rain showers (I would never attempt to undercoat figures at this time of year but MDF – It can take it…)

As I wanted the deck top an alternate colour to the underside I had to stretch to technical measures (any flat surface will do really).

Generators, Fans, Ikea Slippers and Chain drive.

And it’s almost done.

I still need to use a silver Sharpie on the metal window edges and probably to paint some red panels on the rudders.

All in all, it can probably take more than just the 1-2 heroes I wanted to fly about.  It may even find service as a small, 5 man, unit insertion craft.

And, just to prove I can work with any size of MDF, one toddler toy well on the way to being fixed…