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I seem to be doing a lot of small, easy win figures of late.  Lord knows I have a good few figures sat in various stages of completion on the shelf beside my painting station.  

Some are older than others.  Some MUCH MUCH older…  The servo skulls and cherub shown here are newly added to the so called pile of shame. Less than a year on the shelf.  The chap in the middle, a Space Marine Librarian, has been knocking about since at least 2002.  Originally undercoated in the now unmatchable shadow grey that my original marines were coated in.  Since then this metal sculpt has been battered, bounced and chipped to such a degree that I almost stripped him back to metal and repainted him in the new yellow paint scheme that I use for Space Marines these days.    

In the end I was too lazy to clean of the old paint and just covered the worst chips and scuffs in a darker blue (he is a Librarian, so dark blue is the colour he should be anyway).  

Unless I find a stash of forgotten figures he stands out as the last of the ‘blue’ marines in the collection. That means that the original force is now probably complete. As we all know though, an army is never really complete as I still have a good few yellow brothers in arms to complete (all of them vehicles as well, if I am not mistaken…) 

Have I painted my very last Space Marine?  Probably not…