Maximillian 1934 is a game by some of our Australian cousins. Lovely based on the Mad Max franchise but in an alternate 1930s setting if you can believe it…

Looking at some of the pioneers of motor racing from that era, those real drivers sound more wild and crazy than even this game could portray. 

My first car turned up even before I managed to tidy away the western town. So, here are some scale shots to get an idea of how 1/43 scale cars measure up against 28mm figures and scenery.  I have decided to use Diecast cars as the base models for all the cars I intend to build.  I could have gone for resin or plastic model kits but wanted a good quality start point that I could then build a simple weapon load out onto.  

This is a 1929 Darmont Cyclecar (a Morgan car company design manufactured under licence, at that time, in France). All of the cars I intend to use are either from the Matchbox Yesteryear range or from a manufacturer called Brumm.  Go look on eBay and you will find why a £4 die cast won out over a £25 resin model.  

This is one of the smallest cars that I have had my eye on, and it will fit the class of Buggy in this ruleset.  

A Eureka miniatures driver (from the official Maximillian 1934 range) fits nicely in the driving seat and a couple of extras add a touch of personalisation. 

Why use a missile set from the bits box when you can make a set of rocket launchers from bits of plasticard and old tubes.

Be warned, lots more of this to come.