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Scenery was easy to rummage up.  I had the option to play Space Orks or Death Guard for my first game and I decided that a smaller, slightly simpler force, may be wise.   

So Death Guard it was.  Thankfully with the new GW ‘balance update’ just being released I ended up with 6 rather than 5 marines for this first game.  

I didn’t get any mid game shots for you sadly as I was focused on trying to get to grips with the new rules.  That said, I do think this is a better version than the last ruleset.

After all this time though, GW should know how to write clear concise rules.  Sadly, the wording of the rules appears to be written purposely with the aim of confusing you!  After a few turns however, we managed to figure out what they were aiming for in the rules…  We hope.