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In the grand scheme of things, a handful of figures and a sign post or three is not a lot of work to show for about 2 months of hobby time.  Sometimes completing these oh so few bits are what it takes to get the momentum back, and I should be grateful that I can again spend some solitary time in the shed…

Everyone needs signposts occasionally.  These were an idea stolen from Coronasan.  Three signs, each with a differing number of directions, to count as either numbered objective markers or placement markers for my tunneller in Steam Wars. Anything that lets us mark places on the table without the use of obtrusive counters or numbered tokens is good for me.

The first three men and their ‘Stump Gun’ are ready for action too. Destined eventually for Turnip28, these guys count as one of only four unit choices that make up a Turnip28 force.  

The largest unit option in Turnip28 is a meagre 12 infantrymen, the smallest is just 3 horsemen. Being lazy, I plan to use only 16 Infantry figures, 1 gun and 3 horsemen as my first force in the game.  

1 Toff – Leading 4 Chaff (Skirmishers) and 6 Brutes (Close Assaulters)

1 Toady – Leading 3 Bastards (Horsemen)

1 Toady – Leading 1 Stump Gun and 3 Crewmen

(I use the term leading oh so loosely this time round…)