And there I was, poised to get a second game of Oathmark in and try out some of the more expensive options.  A smaller more specialised force, with a Giant no less.

Then three weeks passed with the table sitting untouched. Except when a bored three year old (grandchild – female – with the ability to twist folks round the smallest of fingers) wanted to venture into the shed to see Grandads ‘little soldiers’. That was when I decided to tidy up and take temptation, and Grandads breakables, away from the grasp of little fingers.  

Most of February’s shed time was lost but I did manage to get some moments to fiddle about with a few ideas.  It’s funny how being forced away from something very familiar to you, like hobby stuff, can lead to an almost mental block when the option comes to restart that thing. I was out of the shed for three, maybe four weeks at most, but found it very hard to get back on track. Even now the drive I had remains distracted and I often shy away from heading out to the shed if the option to go arises. Odd, but not the end of the world…