And another few months pass with very little updated on the blog.  It doesn’t mean I am not doing anything but I am afraid that real life has again prodded its own unpleasant fingers into things again.  Family comes first I am told (I guess it always should).  It has effectively slowed any posting down considerably and an awful lot of shed time has been lost to… Other activities… We shall not dwell… Given time all things settle back down!

Let us recap on where we were, when last I looked out through blogger eyes. 

Back in January we finally managed to get a game of Oathmark played. Coronasan blogged about it here so I won’t go into too much detail.  It turns out I like it quite a bit (I almost forgot that I had played a test game or two back in May/ June 2020).

This time it was played with fully based and painted armies on movement trays, not card sliders, so the overall look was so much more appealing. Even if the table was kept simple to allow us to get to grips with the rules.  

Anyhow, this was all before any upheaval.  I will try to catch you all up over the next couple of posts. Time and space may get slightly distorted as I bounce back and forth over the last 3 months worth of ‘stuff’ to get the blog back up to date, try to stay with me!