No I won’t… It was a magnificent game, so I will shove it all into the public arena again just because it looks so awesome.  

Prof Nesbit and his boys were finished on time.  

As this was planned as an urban engagement, the foot sloggers were out in force, supported by some lighter ground units and a bit of air support.

Our opponent would be fielding even more foot troops that could hunker down and be quite difficult to sweep out of the town.

And what a town…  All the painted buildings from Coronasan’s recent Kickstarter were on show, along with lots of little additions that didn’t quite make it into the kickstarter and the mat that was available as part of the ‘all in’ pledge.

Deployment was from the edge of the board as troops entered the town and tried to find hard points to hold onto as well as pushing out towards the opponents objective points (Orange crates).

Air support would prove influential for the navy although dropping bombs proved difficult for the pilot of this light aircraft.  

As the game progressed, battle lines were formed and, in some cases, held for the remainder of the game.

Victory was held on to by the Navy in this case, although by the briefest of margins.  That said, any outcome would have been acceptable, as this was one of those games that would still have still been hugely enjoyable, win or lose…