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Some jobs are ones that just need to be completed.  They don’t always provide any great benefit, or joy, to your day but you can’t play Oathmark (or a lot of other games for that matter) without movement bases.

(Well, you could, but I speak from experience when I say that moving hundreds of figures individually does get pretty tedious after about turn two.) 

Thats why I am so glad that this job is completed for now…  Also, its nice to see them all neatly lined up like this too!

From left to right, using Oathmark terminology, and in no particular order: some Ogre Linebreakers, a Giant, A large chunk of Human Heavy Cavalry, Human Spearmen, Human Soldiers, a small unit of Human Linebreakers, a Dwarf Light Catapult (that still needs a third crewman – must get round to that job), a large unit of Human Linebreakers, an Orc Prince and a Human Prince. 

Down the middle: A Human Light Catapult, a Dragon, Human Spearmen, Human Archers, an Elven Ballistae and a Goblin Light Catapult.

Again from left to right and starting with the little guys at the back: (Halfling proxies for) Human Rangers, (Halfling proxies for) Human Cavalry, (Halfling proxies for) Human Light Catapult, (a real) Human Light Catapult, a pack of Goblin Wolf Riders, Human Heavy Cavalry, 2 units of Human Linebreakers, 2 Human Spellcasters, 1 Dwarf Spellcaster, and finally a second Elven Ballistae.

Not a bad batch of figures from what must be 10 manufacturers and painted at various times over the last 20 years at least (old Grenadier Halberdiers painted circa 2000).