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The Halflings were completed in time thankfully and a good day was spent playing with tiny fighters and breaking every rule that we couldn’t bend to our will.  

The movement trays were not needed for the game that followed and, as in all good skirmish games, the individual figures were each and every one of them heroes of the day.

Night time in Hobbit hold, but dawn would bring more than just the sun.

The Sky Pirates were on the rampage.  Their mission: to ‘free’ the daughter of the town mayor from a life of boring drudgery. 

The Halflings knew they would be no match for the Sky Pirates so off raced young Reg Stippleson to raise the alarm at the ford where the local Ballistae crews were set up to deal with situations just like these…

The few true warriors in the village mounted a dogged defence while the cavalry scouts on their trusty Walrus mounts tried to get back in time to aid their men folk.

Not all would make it back as the Sky Pirates float ship was patrolling the edges of the town after dropping their crew to search for the Mayors daughter.

After freeing the Mayors daughter from her fathers grasp the Pirates started the long trudge back to their stronghold on the other side of the river.

By now though the Ballistae crews had been roused and were ready to ‘give um hell’.

With the sky ship returning to the town to mop up as many of the defenders as possible and allow their comrades to escape, it seemed that all would be lost in the end.  

With the last of the Halfling cavalry desperately trying to reach their young charge but knowing all was lost, the Mayors daughter was at last carried over the crevasse that marked the entrance to the Sky Pirates domain.

One Hour Skirmish always takes longer than an hour to play but that is because we tend to get a bit’ carried away’ with the narrative aspect of these games. That said we managed to fit in a second game with a different setup and battle plan. Knowing the Pirates were likely to be most vulnerable on the long trudge home I set up the cavalry at the ford to be triggered when the alarm was sounded with the Ballistae.

The raid started off as planned but with the cavalry out of cannon range they were safe from the sky Pirates until the second half of the game.

Supported by the Ballistae they managed to get over the ford and into the ranks of Dwarves with few losses this time.

I am told that being charged down by a herd of thundering Walrus is a terrifying sight…