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Well, five cavalry and 12 Archers are not a huge number of figures to paint (especially when that leaves 15 cavalry still on the shelf awaiting my attention). So they were fitted in between the grand flocking of Oathmark movement trays that was happening at the same time.  

It did mean I could get their own bases flocked and ready all at the same time with little impact on the larger job in hand.  

As I perceive Halflings to be ‘jolly old souls’ using a few more of the brighter colours on my paint shelf would give me a chance to use more of the lesser used contrast paints as well.  

Although these were planned for use in our first few games of Oathmark we were not quite ready for that at this point.  Rather than leave them waiting for something to do a quick game of something easy was suggested by Veganman… Easy for him that is.  I was left to plan prep and house rule to my hearts content so that we could play a game where a few GW flying pirate Dwarfs were sent out to raid a Halfling and bring back the spoils…

Not something that would work in Oathmark so I dusted off One Hour Skirmish Games to see what we could achieve…  If I ever finish painting them that is.