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For Xmas last year I was gifted a large unit of Halfling Cavalry.  10x very nice TTCombat Halfling Amazons on Walrus.  I already had the Halfling Bowmen on Goats… and a few Macrocosm Miniatures Halfling Town Watch.  Thats almost a Halfling army by my count.  

None had seen more than an undercoat before this point and had stared me down from the painting shelf for far too long.  As Oathmark was about to get a place in the game queue I thought I may try to get some of them finished to at least a ‘tabletop standard’.

The most useful units to flesh out the gaps in my existing force would be Rangers and Regular cavalry so paint was thrown at these few figures first.  Who knows, they may even get played with if all goes well…