So, the shed is still in a state of wild untidiness. Lets hope I can get it straight fairly soon.  Xmas has taken some valuable shed time away from me with the expectation that ‘Family’ must come first.

Why don’t they realise that they would probably like me so much more when I am hidden away at the bottom of the garden?

In what little time I have had to my self I have been solidly glueing flock to what feels like miles and miles of MDF.  

In periods of quiet contemplation (drying time) I have been playing about with the various options for Oathmark Army lists and have come up with this sample force.  This is likely be an approximation of what I will be fielding as a first game force. 

Units of 20 infantry appear to allow for the largest advantage in the game due to their rank bonus in close combat. As a result most of these units should be fielded in full 20 man blocks. However, as always, the points do not make it that simple. So, instead of having to build a couple of very small units with the leftover points, I will be trying a couple of reduced sized units to see how differently they play on the table.

For those interested:

20x Human Linebreakers

20x Human Spearmen

15x Human Archers

15x Human Soldiers

15x Human Linebreakers

5x Human Heavy Cavalry

10x Giant Wolves (Proxies 2x Units of 5xGoblin Raptor Riders) 

3x Ogres

1x Elf Ballista