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As the project nears completion, and as I feel my desire to paint tiny germans wane, it sometimes helps to get the whole collection out for a quick regimental review. Not just so I can see what I have achieved, but also to highlight the gaps in the force and to see what it will likely look like when I do get the remainder finished.  

Not a bad couple of weeks work.  Infantry supported by mortars and MGs. Transports, trucks, scouts and their varied commands. Tanks and mobile guns as well as a couple of towed anti-tank guns for when we play in defence.  

There is still more to complete.  Not much, and I could start playing games without these in the force, as they represent a few of the more advanced and complex elements in the rules (I doubt that scouts and observers will feature in our first couple of games). You may also note that those light tanks (and yes their slightly heavier brother) are still sat unpainted despite being some of my first picks to start painting for this force…

Just an aside (and to see if anyone reads this far down my posts)…  I realised, when I was finishing off some of these units, that I have a habit that has developed over the last few years.  In the dim distant past I used a shallow pot of water to release decals from their backing sheet. Since starting to use a cutting mat as my table cover, I now routinely just take a bead of paint water and plonk it on my desk top and soak the decal in that.

Considering I have a pot of Decal Fix and Decal Sol, sat almost unused on my shelf, I wonder if anyone else applies their decals in a similar (or better) way?