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October continued with the inevitable task of painting infantry.  Unless I could distract myself further with more vehicles. As all of my command stands were planned out with the inclusion of some kind of vehicle, that would at least delay some of the hard graft.

I estimated that 3-4 commands would likely suffice for my small army. Due to pre determined ordering quantities though, set by the pack sizes of their suppliers, I ended up with 6 small, command worthy, cars in the end.  I would therefore need to broaden my command structure.

My Commander in chief would get the fancy Austin staff car, in shiny black, so as to stand out a bit.

His 2 trusted lieutenants would get Kublewagons while a third commander would be mounted with a Swimwagon (to ensure he could keep up with the advance troops).  

A second Swimwagon would work well to signify a forward observer (which I may use as either an artillery or air controller). The last Kublecar would be left unbased to represent an objective if one was required.  

Guess what? All this focus on tiny cars and I still haven’t painted any infantry…