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As October rolled into view I thought that another concerted effort to get the 15mm Germans done would be a good idea.  I had been putting off painting infantry as I saw them as the ‘hard part’ of the army.  Trucks and vehicles though, now they looked much easier.

Grey base coat with a dark wash. Bit of metallic paint here. Bit of brown (or green) there…

Tracks and tyres picked out.  The odd decal when they are dry…

Not a single base to paint or flock between them.  Easy he says.

** Here I must point out that the Marder seen in these photos are some of my first adventures into 3D printed miniatures.  These are NOT designed or printed by me but some my first ever purchased printed miniatures.  I can say for sure that the company I chose was first class and I have already ordered again from them.  These 3 Marder, and a small staff car for my commanders stand, all came from 3D Printing Valley.  eBay Shop here.  To top things off they did not have some of the things on their website that I wanted so I asked if they could supply on demand.  They were able to source designs and supply all I bought within a week of asking and all for a very reasonable price…Ping them an email if you can’t find that obscure design you hanker for, they might just be able to sort you out**