August again…  More One Hour Skirmish Wargames fun.  This time in a very different setting.  A sleazy port town where the plucky detective is dashing and handsome and his sidekick is clumsy but with the luck of the Irish!

The strip club in the port has been infiltrated by a clutch of undercover (well, not that much cover – Bikini Babes With Guns can’t conceal much) WPCs.  When their mission is leaked and they find themselves trapped on the roof of the building, it falls to the local SWAT Team and our plucky detective duo to come to the rescue.  

Sadly the local crime lord has other plans for our gals…

The majority of the enemy forces were unknown at the start of the game.  The crime lord and his two lieutenants starting at the dockside and the remainder being selected by the card deck, and deployed from various randomly generated spawn points on the board.  As is usual with these things, there was an inexhaustible supply of boiler suited bad guys…

The SWAT Team started at the police station and arrived with body armour, the WPCs didn’t have much armour but had equipped them selves with a selection of AK47s.  The detectives were to arrive by motor launch to delay their intervention for a round or two.

The objective was to get the girls back to the police station.  Not as easy as it seems as if they got back there too easily the crime lord could call out all the bent coppers he still had on payroll, at the last minute, to exact his revenge (but only if he was still alive…)