So with one fairly large game played lets roll on to another game that gave us a couple of hours of fun.  August this time, yes I am still catching up on posts from over the summer, as I never got round to posting these next few bits and pieces at the time.  

I discovered the rule set for One Hour Skirmish Wargames early last year when a fellow blogger posted about his Vietnam games using these rules.  It looked interesting as it had absolutely no dice used in the rules…

This was the first run of these rules in the shed.  A tribal delegation (Lets call them the welcoming committee) awaits the arrival of a European VIP and his daughter.  

Shore party, pilot launch and steam ship all had rifles and pistols.  Tribal forces were vastly higher in number but had only a few modern weapons.

The Tribal leaders had the upper hand though as they were in charge of starting the festivities.  The Europeans could not attack until the tribal force started an attack.  

We played this scenario 4 times that day, with the Tribal force trying all options to see what was more likely to give them an advantage.  Waiting until the European forces disembarked proved fairly effective but also allowed them to rally round the VIP and his Daughter (the designated objectives) and whisk them off in the waiting truck.  

Rifles in the wrong place and horses charging in rough terrain…  Never easy to correct some mistakes.

Much fun was had.  Many tribal casualties and plenty of dead sailors too.  An old man died fairly often but a young ladies virtue was kept safe on most tries.