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So, how do I sort out these ‘best of’ posts and how do I get these oh so old photos up on the blog with the least effort and don’t burn out again with the feeling that I am having to dredge up words to fit to them that are not clear, concise or even correct?

Answer: Give a brief synopsis of what was happening and then just leave you alone with them to review the images if you want to…

Then: wait for you to ask for more details in the comments section as if you actually were interested.

July…  Played a bit of Warhammer 40,000.  Eighth edition this time as se wanted to keep to an older set of codexes.  Necrons Vs Tyranids (For non GW players: Angry paranoid robots Vs Very hungry giant insects).



That moment when the other half of their army lands behind your well ordered gun line…