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With a first game under our belts a second game was destined to be needed so we could correct all the mistakes we made in the first play through.

As I now know what works well in the game and as some of the crew types were better or easier to play than others. It was time to review the team.  A few changes and the return of some of the Mantic Troopers was the way to go. 

A 10 man crew needs a Captain and first mate.  The Veteran and Tekkie types are good choices to start with as unlocking loot and keeping the enemy away is key.

The rest of the crew need to have a purpose too. A few quicker chaps to get to the loot first.  A couple of chaps to offer covering fire as they slowly drag it all back.

A few specialists that might have longer ranges, have heavier armour etc and I am all set.

And while I am at it I might as well paint up a few more chaps as ‘spare’ crew. These can be switched out if alternate needs are to be met. A couple of them are also just there as I have them in the set and no real use for them (yet). 

All set and awaiting an opponent to arrive in the shed. It’s been quite some time since anyone came over to play a miniatures game.