Our first game of Stargrave was also our first game in about a year that could be played at the local club.  To celebrate the reopening of the club we played a 3 way game so used a slightly larger 4 foot board (so I didnt need to take the frame out for a drive on this occasion).  

It was a kind of ‘grab the loot from the local starport slums’ kind of game and was played to get us into the run of the new rules.  

I played a rag tag crew, gathered together from my old Mantic Deadzone Rebs force. Thrown in were some Hasslefree and CP models alien types as my leader and first mate.

Against me on one side was an infinity crew with as many robotic parts as fleshy bits.

On the other side was what looked suspiciously like a Stargate away team…   

I lost both my Leader and First mate along with most of my crew (not a good outcome for a campaign type game I am told).  But one plucky chap struggled for most of the second half of the game to drag a very large Calor Gas canister off the table to at least let me claim some loot.