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With Stargrave landing in the shed, a job I have been meaning to do for quite some time now has come to the top of the to do list.

As Stargrave uses a 3 foot square table (as do a number of other newer skirmish level games) it was about time I either: purchased a number of 3 foot square game mats, or: made myself a frame to mark the table edge.   

As a piece of white painted skirting board was about £150 cheaper than a set of new gaming mats, a frame was more than likely to be the choice of champions.

All that saved cash didn’t last long though, as a couple of sets of pre-painted scenery seemed like they were almost made for this game…

Can anyone else picture some striped market stall type tents out there in the desert. I guess I know what I will be scratch-building next…  Market stalls need stall holders as well… Good job I saved a few pennies by building that frame!