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In these strange times that we find ourselves, actual table time for a game has been less than easy to find.  As such, an odd occurrence has to come to my attention, more than once it would seem!

The subject I would like to discuss is the continued release and eventual purchase of rulebooks (and in many cases further supplements) for games that I haven’t even played yet.

It is not unusual for me to buy a rulebook for a game I will never likely play. Many end up not hitting the spot in the way I would have liked, so I don’t get any enthusiasm up. I like, and buy, rulebooks as reading material so new ones are always welcome.

The newest one, released this month, is Stargrave. I do plan to play this one but it is one of a long list of new, or newish, releases that are stacking up in our play list*. 

As well as rulebooks, I have picked up a few items for no reason other than I have always wanted them.  They will eventually be used to round out some of the options in my Steampunk forces. In this case as a cavalry option for my Martian forces.  The force mixes High Tech Tripods and robots alongside slave units of the more primitive Sanwar desert peoples.  

Ironclad Miniatures really has become a staple for me and have been supplying me with various Victorian/ Steampunk items for a good few years now.  My latest steampunk purchase is this little one man walker which will be joining my US Navy forces.  With an interchangeable right arm offering a second grapple arm or a machine gun it can be used as scenery, as an industrial lifter, or fulfilling a more warlike role.  



* A queue that includes (in no specific order):


A Billion Suns

Zona Alpha

Gamma Wolves

Oathmark – Including two newly released supplements and a third supplement due for release about the time this post will be publishing.

Warhammer 40,000 Ninth Edition Codex for Necrons, Spacemarines and Death Guard

A Song of Ice and Fire – 1.7 Updated Rules